Neo Tokyo Identities Seeks CTO in Move To Create Crypto Video Game

Neo Tokyo Identities

Neo Tokyo Identities are one of the most recognized NFT collections out there. They were created in October 2021 by Crypto YouTuber Alex Becker.

Now, the team is expanding further into the gaming universe.

They have expressed intention to create a crypto game and are already hiring the team that will build it.

In a job application seen by everydayNFT, Neo Tokyo seeks to recruit a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who will also act as the lead developer.

The ideal candidate should have experience developing in Unity and all related tools. He/she should also be “an absolute expert in AI interaction based on RNG and attributes of the AI.”

“The best way to describe this would be how AI in games like Madden or FIFA can play each other without a user being present. In these games the characters have certain stats that determine their behavior and how they interact with each other. For example a character with a high shot stat in FIFA will have a better chance of scoring or avoiding a defender.

Your job would be programming the underlying system that these characters would operate around.”

New Tokyo

The lead developer will be given a free hand to build his own team.

This job comes with incredible perks, including a nice salary, profit sharing and company ownership.

If you think you fit the bill, you can apply here.

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