Ghozali Everyday: Indonesian Man’s Selfies are an NFT Sensation

Ghozali Everyday NFT

When Indonesian college student Ghozali Ghozalo took about 1000 selfies, he was doing so to create a hopefully viral YouTube video.

From 2017 when Ghozalo was 18 years old, to 2021 when he was 22, he stood in front of a computer every single day, and took a selfie.

Similar progress videos generally do well on YouTube, and occasionally go viral. However, as he was approaching the end of his documentation, another opportunity presented itself.

Following in the footsteps of 2021, 2022 is expected to be another NFT boom year, and Ghozalo had perfect timing.

A few days ago, he listed all 1000 selfies on OpenSea for $3 each. If they all sold for that price, it would have been a decent pay for 4 years of dedication.

However, what happened blew everyone’s mind. Within 2 days, the NFTs had peaked at 1 ETH each.

That soon cooled off, but they are still trading at about 0.35ETH, about $1200 per selfie.

In going viral, Ghozalo had some help from big names in the NFT world like @Jejouw and @Barthazian, who marshalled their thousands of followers.

It would be a stretch to regard the selfies as a work of art, but the fact that NFT collectors found this worth their while shows that a new dawn on the internet has arrived.

You can check out the entire collection here.

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