Master CryptoEggs Collection

January 26, 2022 – February 02, 2022
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This upcoming collection consists of 10,000 alien eggs residing on the Polygon blockchain.

The unique pieces are algorithmically generated.



Create project profiles on social media (Discord – Telegram – Twitter), deploy our NFTs on the Polygon network, and create a website to mint. There are 50 NFTs reserved for our team.

10% sold

Our team is starving, should buy some burgers, but not only this, we will reveal our NFTs to show up, and we will start a series of 450 NFT giveaways worth 13,500 $MATIC.

25% sold

Launch a massive $MATIC giveaway worth $MATIC 1,500 for three lucky winners (1st $MATIC 750 – 2nd $MATIC 500 – 3rd $MATIC 250), and we will list our project on “Rarity Tools” or “Rarity Sniper” to check your NFTs.

30% sold

MCE Holders will get rewarded for being part of the Community. we will start a huge campaign marketing on social media to ensure our NFTs longevity and to increase the value of these NFTs.

50% sold

We will reveal our next project, which has unique features and good benefits for the holders of our project, Only for those who believed in the project from the beginning, also you will be MasterListed to the mint at a very cheap price (Maybe Free!!!).

75% sold

We have a piece of good news, we will be selecting five holders randomly to be part of our next project, and they will have a 2% profits per person.

85% sold

We will work on partnerships with NFTs related projects to increase the value of our NFTs and to introduce our project to more people around the world.

100% sold

Our NFT is sold out, and we will thank all investors for letting us reach this point, and we will also start donating $MATIC 25,000 to the charity chosen by the Master CryptoEggs community.

110% success

nvesting $MATIC 50K To our Next Project that revealed to our holders in 50% Sold of MCE, What this NFT project that takes much money at launch? Surprise!

The Master CryptoEggs project will be always part of the next one, so make sure to hold at least 1 MCE NFT.

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