MonkeyHeist: P2E Game

January 17, 2022 – January 24, 2022
MonkeyHeist P2E

Blockchain – SolanaTwitter
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Become a member of the Monkey Heist Club and be part of the story of 5,555 animated monkeys that become world-famous bandits.

A team of young, creative and experienced creators from Europe is behind this Play2Earn game.

MonkeyHeist Roadmap

  1. Sell out 20% – We immediately use the funds to hire community managers and moderators for the Discord. Giveaway for 10 monkeys on Twitter and Discord

2. Get collection featured on Rarity Tools

– 5monkeys to monkey owners

– Giveaway 3 Ledger Nano X

3. Sell out 50% – Release of our own comics. Every MHC holder will receive comics in digital form.

– 5 monkeys giveaway to monkey owners

4. Sell out 75% – Airdrop to random MHC holders. Launch campaign to bring more members to MHC community. Continue growing the Twitter and Discord community.

5. SOLD OUT – Get the MHC collection on Verified! Big giveaway on Twitter and Discord.

6. MHC team will start working on play to earn game. Holders will have in-game utility.

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