RockManRoads: Delivery Game for the Metaverse

January 01, 2022 – January 30, 2022
Rockmanroads NFT
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In the year 2100, humanity has achieved interstellar travel. We have discovered a beautiful planet called ‘Rainbow Kepler #7296’.

Upon landing on the planet, the first humans there discovered that the bright and beautiful stones were alive and generated power. They were also welcoming and envious of human’s ability to travel freely.

We called them Rainbow Stones.

Rock Man Roads are 3,333 interdimensional space rocks wearing a robot suit. They are hand drawn and randomly generated.

Monetize your NFT as you travel different universes.


0%Activate 33 giveaways, rewards and 3D plushies design
25%Release whitepaper, $RMRT tokens and App
50%Release Gaming website, Airdrops and RMR equipments
75%Start planet-to-planet travel on the web portal
100%Activate Metaverse delivery centre!
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