OpenSea Reportedly Working on Solana Integration

OpenSea Solana

OpenSea, the world’s biggest NFT marketplace, has so far primarily focused on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, other blockchains have been eating into Ethereum’s market share for a while, key among them Solana.

Congestion and high gas fees in the Ethereum blockchain have seen it’s market share drop from 95% to 80% in less than a year. Even JP Morgan raised the alarm, seeing this shift as bad news for the blockchain that introduced smart contracts.

OpenSea is rumored to be working on adding support for Solana NFTs, which could mean a bigger move to this blockchain by NFT creators.

From screenshots posted by Jane Manchun Wong, a renowned tech ‘leaker’, OpenSea will soon add Phantom, a popular Solana wallet. This means support for the blockchain may be right around the corner.

According to Decrypt, Wong took the screenshots while ‘reverse-engineering’ the OpenSea website.

An OpenSea spokesperson however refused to confirm, stating that the platform would “comment if or when we have something to say.”

Solana NFTs have so far generated over $1.3B in trading volume.

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