First Ever Protest in the Metaverse Held Outside Samsung Store in Decentraland

Protest in the Decentraland Metaverse

It’s not a real city until you have a good old protest.

Non-profit Foundation, Superflus, held what is very likely the first protest in the metaverse.

A group of avatars assembled outside the Samsung store in Decentraland, wearing red T-shirts that read ‘Moneyfestation’, and holding placards that red ‘I Have A Scream’.

They were protesting against injustices brought about by capitalism. The shirts and word-play were the work of digital artist Badalov.

Speaking on his inspiration to lead the protest, Badalov said, “What I want with my mobilization is to show that the world is full of injustices. Life can be unprecedentedly tragic and we should not be manipulated by capitalist structures and the pleasures it offers. Basically, my mobilization is part of resistance towards being a victim of hypocrisy.”

While the protest was not going after Samsung in particular, they think the brand represent the ongoing commercialization of the metaverse.

Participants in the protest were not paid to be there, but they got to keep the NFTs (wearables, placards). As the first protest in any metaverse, these are likely to go up in value over time.

The artist will retain 2.5% royalties for any future sale of the NFTs.

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