OpenSea Set To Break Monthly Trade Volume Record

The biggest NFT marketplace in the world is getting a lot bigger.

OpenSea has in the last few months been breaking its trade volume records, and this month things are also looking up.

Daily volumes on the platform have been surging, and in just the first 10 days of January, trades worth $2.1 billion have been made there.

By comparison, its best month so far was August 2021, when trade volume reached about $3.5 billion.

If OpenSea keeps up the current pace for the rest of January, they are set for a $6 billion trade volume massive record.

At $2.1 billion in about a week and a half, OpenSea has already surpassed all other monthly totals, with exception of August, September, October and December 2021.

Driving this surge in trading volume is the new “PhantaBear” collection, which has seen over $53 million in sales in just the past week.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is second with over $51 million in the same period.

While OpenSea is enjoying these numbers, there is a new competitor in town, and they are coming for their lunch.

LooksRare just launched in a big way, recording over $105 million in trade volumes on its first full day.

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