Gorilla Galaxy: Genesis – Collection of 2222 NFTs

January 26, 2022 – February 01, 2022
Gorilla Genesis NFT
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Making up the Gorilla Galaxy: Genesis collection is 2222 unique, and randomly generated Gorillas. They are to be found on the Solana blockchain.

Each gorilla is unique and generated from 130+ possible attributes and traits, such as fur, clothes, mouth, head, earrings and eyes.

The pre-sale will take place on January 26th, with the public sale taking place on February 1st, 2022.


Q1 2022

– Genesis mint 02/02/2022

– Launch of staking and $GLUE token

– Gorilla Galaxy: Companion Collection mint (Free to holders, minted with $GLUE token)

– Development of Gorilla Galaxy Arcade Begins

Q2 2022

– Gorilla Galaxy Arcade launch wagers of SOL and GLUE open

– Revenue from the Arcade is collected to be shared with Genesis holders

– Gorilla Galaxy: Generation 2 is announced

Q3 2022

– First revenue share from the Arcade is distributed to Genesis holders

– Generation 3 emerges via breeding between Genesis and Generation 2

Q4 2022

– Gorilla Galaxy P2E Game announcement

– Gameplay sneak peeks

– Continuous revenue share airdrops from the Arcade

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