Sheep Awakening NFT Drop

February 02, 2022 – March 02, 2022
Sheep Awakening Holders Club NFTs
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These 10,000 unique sheep awakening NFTs make up the Sheep Awakening Holders Club.

They are randomly generated and secured as erc-721 tokens on the polygon blockchain.

They come in many variations, from the clothes, weapons, items, perks, etc, thus making the NFTs very rare.


Phase 1 (Pre-sale)

Presale of 2000 random Sheep Awakening NFTs for our early birds and GIVEAWAY of 5 Sheep Awakening NFTs.

Phase 2 (Community giveaways)

25% minted 3 ETH giveaway to 3 awakened holders + 3 ETH buyback to raise the floor price

50% minted 5 ETH giveaway to 5 awakened holders + 5 ETH buyback to raise the floor price

75% minted 7 ETH giveaway to 7 awakened holders + 7 ETH buyback to raise the floor price

100% minted 10 ETH giveaway to 10 awakened holders + 10 ETH buyback to raise the floor price

Phase 3 – Merch store

Phase 4 – Charity

Phase 5 – Metaverse

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