JetPackCat P2E Edition – NFT Drop

February 21, 2022 – February 28, 2022
JetPackCat NFT drop
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The JetPackCat collection is made up of 7,777 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Cat carries a Jetpack system, giving them control as they travel to space, until their gas tank is empty.

The project is a Play-2-Earn game, with weekly tournaments where players can compete with other jetpack cats.

This drop will see the first 300 OG JetPack Cat Genesis NFT.

There will also be some perks for whitelist winners, whose minting fee will be discounted and who will be allowed to avoid a gas war by minting a day before the public mint.

25% of the supply will be availed to whitelist members, details on which can be found in their Discord.

The team behind JetPackCat has over 10 years of game development experience.

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