Himo World NFT Metaverse Set for IDO

Himo World IDO

Himo World is readying itself for its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) that kicks off on January 19 on the Gamestarter launchpad platform.

Himo World is an NFT-based game that compels players to build battle decks composed of different in-game characters and square off against other gamers.

It is a product from Vietnam-based Gamefox Studios.

The game is powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and will be available on both web and mobile devices. Players will be able to play against other players (PvP), or against the environment (PvE).

On top of Gamestarter, the IDO will also be conducted on at least 4 other launchpads, among them PoolZ, TrustPad, NFTb and Gamestation on January 22.

On PoolZ, there will be 3,125,000 HIMO tokens up for grabs at a price of 0.04 BUSD. That equates to about $125,000.

1,875,000 tokens up for sale on Gamestarter, equating to $75,000. The other launchpads will all have 2,500,000 HIMO tokens each, equating to about $100,000.

Himo World attracted a number of investors in its seed and private sale rounds, among them: Exnetwork, Poolz, Spores and Mochilab (NFT marketplaces), Vitex Capital, Oddiyana, Hawks Hunter, Golden Shovel, MH Ventures, Insignius Capital, AREA13, Azer Capital, Wealthunion, Verichains, Infinitypad, and Coinlab.

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