Anheuser-Busch Launches Bud Light NFT Project

Bud Light NFT

Giant alcoholic beverage maker Anheuser-Busch is the latest major company to double down on the NFT hype.

They are launching a collection for their ‘Bud Light brand’ that will feature 12,722 unique tokens.

Dubbed “Bud Light N3XT Collection”, the project will be available to consumers 21 and over, and is part of their launch of their first zero-carb beer, as the Super Bowl approaches.

“So there will probably a lot more than that won’t be disclosed at the announcement time. But there’s a roadmap to come,” Corey Brown, senior digital director for Bud Light, told The Block. 

Holders of the NFTs will have a chance to vote on Bud Light’s next merch, and have access to Bud Light events.

“It’s new for us, for Bud Light. I think the most important thing is making sure that we are keeping our consumers in mind. That this isn’t a marketing stunt.

We’ve done a lot so far to make sure that we have the right partners in the space and we’re doing things as authentically to the community as we can.”

Corey Brown

Anheuser-Busch had a previous NFT sale in November last year, featuring 1,936 unique Budweiser digital beer can designs. It sold out in under one hour.

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