Coinbase Demos How Their NFT Platform Will Work (VIDEO)

Coinbase NFT

It has been public knowledge that Coinbase is working on an NFT platform. The giant cryptocurrency exchange was late to join the party, allowing newcomer OpenSea to dominate the field.

They intend to remedy that, and it now appears that the launch may be happening very soon.

Coinbase’s VP of product Sanchan Saxena, took to Twitter on Wednesday to demonstrate what the user experience will be like on the upcoming platform.

In a narrated video, he took us through the process of finding verified NFT collections, connecting a wallet and buying the NFT.

“We have made it super simple to go through a buy flow. Users will be guided through a step-by-step buying process, with clear information available to them about what they need to do at each step. Switching and using the right wallet will be a breeze during the buying process,” Saxena explained.

Here’s that video.

Even before a launch date is announced, over 1 million people have joined Coinbase NFT’s waitlist, perhaps hinting at great success for the platform, and maybe even a worthy competitor for OpenSea.

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