Utility NFT: Alfa Romeo Integrates Blockchain Into Their Latest Car

Alfa Romeo NFT

For the naysayers who claim that there is no real use for NFTs other than overpriced ape cartoons, here’s one from Italy.

Luxury car maker Alfa Romeo has announced that it will integrate NFTs into their latest cars, starting with its new Tonale SUV.

The Italian company will build NFTs into their cars for the purpose of recording vehicle data, making it the first automobile company to use blockchain/NFTs in this utilitarian way.

Since Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets that can’t be replaced, changed or hacked, they present a unique opportunity to authenticate any digital data. Alfa Romeo will use this to their advantage, recording all vehicle data throughout its lifetime, including maintenance and service records.

“Digitalization is a key enabler of our metamorphosis. Tonale is the first car ever to keep a blockchain, non-fungible token. NFTs are based on the same distributed information logic that protects your Bitcoin. It records all data on the blockchain.”

Francesco Calcara, Alfa Romeo head of Alfa marketing and communication

The Tonale SUV is meanwhile a final chapter for the car maker, being one of the last models to be sold with an internal combustion engine.

The company plans to move to full EV by 2027.

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