Explained: What are Socios Fan Tokens?

what is socios fan tokens

* Socios fan tokens are a collection of cryptocurrencies issued in the name of major sports franchises

Suppose you are into sporting activities such as basketball, baseball, hockey, racing, tennis, or football. You must be informed of what is going on in those gaming activities, especially how football is trying to adopt blockchain technologies.

In combination with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, these technologies will be both beneficial to the teams and fans in quite a number of ways if fully adopted

Socios has introduced a new type of digital membership for sports fans, allowing them access to never-before-available opportunities relating to their clubs.

Given that you are unfamiliar with Fan Tokens, we have included all of the novelties that you have yet to discover in this article. Continue reading to the end.

What are Socios Fan Tokens?

Socios.com has its blockchain token known as the Fan Tokens. Its main objective is to allow various individuals to easily access services and support their favourite clubs.

With fan tokens, There is no need for membership in the socio app upon buying the tokens. You only pay once for the Fan Tokens to access the advantages that the tokens come with.

All the benefits of the Fan tokens will also be mentioned in this article

How To Buy Socios Fan Tokens?

There are numerous ways to obtain Socios.com Fan Tokens, whether as an investment or to participate in club decisions: Here is how you can buy them

Socio.com offers a trading option that allows you to purchase Fan Tokens directly. First, a user must buy Chiliz (CHZ) tokens before buying straight through the trading tool.

Token hunt: A free augmented reality geolocation tool on Socios.com that allows users to acquire $CHZ (Socios.com Loyalty Tokens), and Fan Tokens.

Can You Sell Your Socios Fan Tokens?

You guessed correctly. The answer is almost certainly yes because if you can buy the tokens, you must be able to sell them.

The good news is that Socios.com has a marketplace where Fan Tokens may be readily sold. You’ll need the following items to sell Socios.com Fan Tokens:

  • Socios.com App ( Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store)
  • Sign up for a Socios.com account.
  • Go to the Market Feature to purchase and sell Fan Tokens.
  • A list of your current Fan Tokens can be found here.
  • Choose the Fan Token you want to trade and the number of units you wish to trade.
  • To put them on the market, tap the sale button.

Football Clubs that Have Socios Fan Tokens?

There is a seeming snowball effect of more clubs striking agreements with digital currency companies. Some of the big clubs that the Fan tokens technology has attracted includes:

Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Inter, Arsenal, AS Roma, Galatasaray, Flamengo, Corinthians, Aston Villa, Leeds, and Leeds unite are the examples of the football clubs

According to the listing on their website, 50 fans tokens are already live while they promise to add others soon enough

What are the Benefits of these Fan Tokens?

The tokens, which were created as utility tokens, provide their holders with various benefits, including voting rights—making decisions, attending matches as a VIP guest etc

Holders of Socios.com tokens can also meet team members and participate in online meetings with players. Other perks include winning match tickets, uniforms, and the opportunity to engage with other fans from across the world.

The token’s main objective, despite its various benefits, is to improve contact between teams and their supporters. What’s the Price of Socios Fan Tokens?

What’s the Price of Socios Fan Tokens?

On the Socios app, you can freely swap fanTokens. The price of Fan Tokens changes with the markets, just like the price of other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Fan Tokens might increase or decrease in value, but they are guaranteed to be in great demand due to their limited availability and exclusive benefits.

According to the coin market cap, the current price of socio fans tokens is $0.210363 at writing. With a live market cap of $1,262,246,990 USD, CoinMarketCap currently ranks #73.

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