Cere Network Launches New Content Platform, DaVinci, on Polygon

Davinci NFT

Polygon blockchain continues to attract more users and platforms, as it seeks to take a sizeable piece of Ethereum’s market share.

The latest is a platform launched by Cere Network.

Dubbed DaVinci, the platform targets content creators, offering to give them the ability to mint NFTs that can unlock exclusive content for their fans.

It will be powered by technology developed by Cere, Freeport – an NFT minting service on Polygon, and Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC), a company offering storage solutions for decentralized Apps.

Creators will access minting tools, analytics tools and will be able to collect royalties from subsequent sales on the same platform.

Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud will host the content, rather than the centralized servers a majority of NFT projects are hosted on.

“Most NFT content is not stored securely on the blockchain. This is a problem simply because your NFT can lose its content and associated value. The DaVinci platform solves this problem via Cere DDC’s secure decentralized content delivery innovations.”

Fred Jin, Cere co-founder

Cere is one of the many blockchain startups that have raised big bucks in recent months. In September last year, Polygon itself invested $3 million in the company.

Binance Labs is also backing the company.

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