How to Mint a Deadfrenz NFT

How To mint Deadfrenz NFT

After weeks of waiting, minting of DeadFrenz went live on Monday, and will remain live for 120 days.

For the uninitiated, Deadfrenz is a collection of 13,000 unique NFTs from the team behind Deadfellaz.

It will compliment the original 10,000 Deadfellaz collection, incorporating some traits that have become popular with the community.

Deadfrendz are 13 species with an array of traits and variance.

How to Mint Deadfrenz NFTs

An announcement by Deadfellaz noted that you will need a Lab Access Pass to mint a DeadFrenz.

There are three types of Lab Access Passes.

  1. Regular Lab Access Pass: (Green). Can be used to mint 1 random Deadfren from the 12 regular species. All green passes on the secondary market are in the same category.
  2. Hybrid Lab Access Pass: (Blue). Can be used to mint the exclusive 13th species of hybrid Deadfrenz.
  3. Alpha Lab Access Pass: (Purple). Can be used to mint one of thirteen legendary Alpha Deadfrenz. There are only 13 Alpha Lab Access Passes.

These passes are available on the secondary market, and currently have a floor price of 0.8 ETH. You will not need to hold any specific NFT to buy and use the pass.

Each Lab Access Pass can only be used once, and will be burned thereafter.

How to Use a Lab Access Pass To Mint a Deadfrenz

  • Visit the minting portal here:
  • Connect your wallet (the one that holds the Lab Access Pass).
  • If done correctly, the minting site will recognize the Lab Access Pass(es) in your wallet.
  • Select how many of your Lab Access Passes you wish to use.
  • Confirm by clicking ‘redeem’.
  • Sign for the transaction. This will cost you some gas fees.
  • The transaction will take a few minutes to process.
  • Your Lab Access Pass(es) will now be burned, and your Deadfrenz will be in your wallet.

When Will All Deadfrenz Be Revealed?

After minting goes live, you will only be able to identify the species of the Deadfrenz you have minted, for 72 hours.

After that, all Deadfrenz will be revealed. Therefore, this will happen on Thursday, February 17.

What’s the Price of Deadfrenz Lab Access Pass?

As mentioned, the only to mint a Deadfrenz NFT is by using a Lab Access Pass. These are available on Opensea.

The average price of the passes was about 0.8 ETH over the last 90 days, but as soon as the minting went live, the average price rose to over 1.4 ETH, indicating that the hype was real.

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