Netgear Introduces NFT, Metamask Integration on Their Meural Display

It’s an interesting time for digital art collectors.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Netgear was one of the companies that got on board the NFT craze in a big way.

Their new Meural Canvas II digital art frame will support Metamask wallet connectivity, allowing NFT owners to display their digital art. There will also be an option to include and display the meta information of the NFT.

Currently, Meural owners can still display NFTs on their devices, but this is through a subscription model. This is the first time they will be able to display tokens that they actually own.

The Netgear Meural comes in 3 sizes, with the smallest being the size of a family picture frame and is best suited for placing on a desk.

The largest is a 27-inch display that starts at $599.99.

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