Hilarious Twitter Explanation of What an NFT Actually Is

The biggest problem with NFTs is the lack of simple and clear messaging on what they actually are.

Millions of people who have heard about NFTs simply cannot wrap their heads around what they are. It is really the exact situation early Bitcoin evangelist found themselves in as they spread the crypto message.

The concept of owning a unique copy of a digital thing, while the same can be downloaded or screenshot by anyone easily, is just too foreign for most people to grasp.

With this knowledge vacuum, many people are now filling it with their explanations of what NFTs actually are.

One Twitter user posted one that is actually pretty funny, and somewhat relatable.

“Can somebody for the love of God explain what the actual f**k nfts are and how they work,” one user asked.

This was the hilarious reply, which got a good amount of laughs, and was lauded as being the best explanation of NFTs.

“Imagine you have a wife and your wife is getting drilled by everyone and you can’t do sh*t. But you have the marriage certificate. That’s the NFT.”

Do you agree with that explanation?

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