Ancient India Gets Its Own NFTs

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Two companies are teaming up to make available pieces of ancient India as NFTs.

Sapio Analytics, an Indian firm that advises government on digital matters, is teaming up with WazirX NFT, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange and NFT marketplace that was acquired by Binance.

The two will create the NFTs and market them.

The collection will comprise of some of India’s most recognized artworks from the 5th century.

They will be digitally restored and recreated, before the release this January.

The first artwork being launched on WazirX NFT platform is one of the greatest creations by humans ever. We are still offering it at a nominal price to its bidders because we believe that this launch shall initiate a revolution in the world of art, creating a new market for Indian artists who focus on the power of emotions in their artworks, as represented by these ancient works,” Manav Kumar of Sapio Analytics said about the collection.

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