KnownOrigin Debuts Early Access Sales Feature

KnownOrigin early access

NFT marketplace KnownOrigin is adding more features to its platform. On Tuesday, April 19, the company announced the launch of an ‘Early Access’ Sales feature, which will enable creators to host exclusive sales on the platform.

This will be powered by a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP), with creators being able to reward loyal collectors.

Today we are announcing the first set of initiatives to help fulfil this need by allowing our community of artists to directly reward their communities.

Early access, or gated sales as I often call it, has been built from the ground up to help the community access more reward mechanics on the platform.

We have also worked closely with the Proof Of Attendance protocol (POAP), often referred to as POAP’s in order to build in direct integration to allow KO artists to offer early access to holders of given POAPs.

James Morgan, KnownOrigin founder

Creators will be able to set up unique access controls, and they can select all their collectors, specific collectors or specific artworks, or even upload a CSV list of supporters captured from social media or other sites.

Creators will also be able to set different prices, or even give away their artworks for free. You’ll also be able to specify the maximum number of mints per phase or per wallet, as well as the early access sale ending date, after which the collection will automatically be listed for public sale.

Upon listing your collection on KnownOrigin, an ‘Early Access’ option will be made available, and clicking it will allow you to set all the different parameters.

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