How 31 Year Old Itzel Yard Became The Highest Earning Female NFT Artist

Itzel Yard NFT

Cryptocurrencies brought about a whole bunch of millionaires and a couple of billionaires.

Non-Fungible Tokens, simply known as NFTs are now positioning themselves to be the next source of internet millionaires.

While most of the money in crypto was made by tech-savvy individuals and wealthy investors, NFTs biggest beneficiaries might be those with special talents.

Artists are seeing incredible monetary appreciation for their works, in a way that has never happened in all of human history.

Take Itzel Yard for example. Forbes has just named her the highest-selling female NFT artist, grossing about $3M.

Itzel, 31, was a few years ago just another struggling twenty something year old. She moved from Panama to Toronto in 2014, and was forced to take up cleaning jobs just to get by.

I was surviving. I was trying to be someone in a country that is really expensive,” she told Business Insider.

Struggling with depression, she turned to digital art and began posting her work on Instagram.

NFTs soon came by, and she saw an opportunity. She started posting her art as NFTs on marketplaces, not very hopefully of selling any.

 “I never thought I would sell any of this for this much and now my artwork is valued at $2 million,” she told Forbes in 2021.

Her piece, ‘Dreaming at Dusk’ sold for $2M, making her the  highest-selling female NFT artist.

Itzel is certainly a pioneer, and has opened possibilities for other female artists in this space.

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