Metaverse Announces Final NFT Land Sale

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Cardano based Metaverse project has announced its final Land sale, which will take place in February.

The first and second Cardano NFT Land sales took place in October and November 2021, and were very successful.

This final sale will complete the sales of all 100,000 Land parcels, each of which is minted as a unique Cardano NFT. The NFTs have co-ordinates, which can be located and customized on

Owners of these parcels will eventually be able to deploy 3D scenes and games.

The parcels are already 60% sold out, and this final sale will comprise of the last 40,000 Lands.

The second sale was so successful that $7,000,000 worth of refunds had to be issued due to significant over-subscription.

Despite its late entry into the Metaverse, the Cardano community has fully embraced  the project.

The team is however cautious, pointing out that the project has a long term time-horizon.

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