The World’s First ‘NFT Credit Card’ Auctioned in Thailand

NFT Credit Card

Everyday we are seeing new ways NFTs are getting imagined in the real life. But I have to admit, an NFT credit card was not something I saw coming.

Global advertising agency The Leo Burnett Group and Thailand bank Krungsri First Choice, partnered with “PUCK”, a popular Thai digital artist, to create NFT art that will also be replicated on a physical credit card.

The NFT was auctioned on the Foundation marketplace, ending up being sold for 0.82 ETH ($2,594.39).

On top of owning the NFT, the winner of the auction was also to receive special banking privileges, and 1,000,000 Krungsri First Choice Visa Platinum credit card points.

These were the conditions given for participating in the auction.

  1. First Choice X 3Puck work will be uploaded on the website. by the artist 3 Puck to open for interested people to participate in the auction.
  2. The auction period will be counted down 24 hours after the first person bids, but if the last 15 minutes are still bidding. The site will increase the auction duration by 15 minutes and the site will win the bidder only if: No other bidder will continue to bid after that 15 minutes and that person will be deemed the winner of the auction. and immediately occupied the work of First Choice X 3Puck
  3. After the auction is completed successfully The website will automatically transfer the images to the winning bidder immediately.
  4. The winning bidder must contact the owner of the work (Mr. Moo 3Puck) to prove himself. And confirm receiving privileges from Krungsri First Choice Visa Platinum Credit Card via Twitter of Khun 3Puck on Twitter Account @triPUCK . The winning bidder must show the wallet number used to bid on the website. with the name of the Twitter ID to confirm the privileges Including informing contact information (name – surname, mobile phone number and e-mail) for Krungsri First Choice to contact you back.
  5. After Mr. Pig 3Puck has successfully verified, Mr. Pig 3Puck will send the contact information of the winning bidder to the agency. for the agency to forward such information to Krungsri First Choice to contact and inform details of receiving privileges
  6. Copyrighted images belong to the artist who created the work. Only the NFT tokens affixed to the works on the Foundation web will belong to the winning bidders of works by First Choice, with permission from the artist. To be able to use the images of the works in this campaign to use for communication, advertising, public relations on their own media in the website channel with credit for the artist’s name, Facebook and Twitter, et

It is truly an interesting time to be alive.

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