TopFlower Set To Launch NFT Play to Earn Farming Game

TopFlower game

A new NFT farming game is on the horizon, this time from TopFlower.

The platform has announced plans to introduce what they call “a perfect non-fungible token [NFT] farming game.”

The company believes this will be the best farming game out there, offering players a chance to immerse themselves into the beautiful world of flowers, take care of them, and more importantly harvest them and in the process earn tokens.

The game has both Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE) modes. The PvP mode allows farmers to “to coordinate and enter into agreements with others as well as engage in numerous fights to protect their gardens from unwarranted ingress.”

Part of the roadmap provided by TopFlower is the development of a marketplace where players can sell in-game assets and NFTs.

The native token powering TopFlower is $TPF. It will serve both as the play-to-earn reward, and staking on the network.

$TPF will have a maximum supply of 500 million and is scheduled to be released on the Decentralized Exchange PancakeSwap.

TopFlower is just the latest botany-related game. One of the most popular one is Sunflower Farmers, whose usage recently led to a slowdown on the Polygon network.

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