XCOPY Artwork ‘All Time High in the City’ Sells for $6.2 Million

While the NFT news is being dominated by the Bored Ape, some old guards are still making big moves.

Minted in 2018, an XCOPY artwork titled ‘All Time High in the City’ this week sold for 1,630 ETH. In today’s prices, that’s over $6.2 million.

The art piece is a description of death, showing a ferryman transporting a trader to hell.

The piece made its blockchain debut on November 16, 2018. It first got a buyer in December 2019, for just $1,436 or 10 ETH then.

Its value then went significantly up, finding another buyer in September last year for 1,000 ETH or about $3 million. A few months later, its value has nearly doubled to its current $6.2 million.

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