New Samsung TVs Will Let You Buy and Display Your NFT Collection

Samsung TV NFT

Major consumer electronics maker Samsung is the latest company to jump on the NFT bandwagon.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Samsung is expected to reveal new NFT features in its flagship televisions.

According to the tech giant, a new “NFT Aggregation Platform” will be integrated into its MicroLed, Neo QLED and The Frame range of TVs.

This will allow users to search, browse, trade and display NFT collections on their big screens.

The platform will pull information from various NFT marketplaces, allowing users to preview the art and other details. Users can then purchase whatever interests them, and then display it on their screen.

Users can also display their existing NFTs, and Samsung promises that its “Smart Calibration” technology will automatically adjust the TV’s settings to match the specifications of the original creator, ensuring perfect rendering.

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