Explainer: Getting Started With Cool Pets

Cool Pets Tutorial

The team at Cool Cats has released a video showing beginners how to get started on Cool Pets.

In a video posted this week, they take us through all steps, from the moment you connect your MetaMask wallet to playing with the eggs.

The first step, as mentioned is connecting your wallet. Ensure it is the one where your Cool Pets were received.

After a successful first step, next is to claim. Select the Cool Pet, and a ‘Claim Egg’ button will appear. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm.

Now you can start caring for your pet. You’ll need to go to the Cool Shop to purchase egg supplies. You’ll be offered various pet supplies boxes, and upon clicking ‘purchase’ will start minting.

Once minting is done, you can then open your box to see the items inside. You will now have an option to either use or sell these items.

To advance your egg to the next stage, i.e. grown pet, you will need to use the items.

Here’s the video explainer.

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