Cool Cats: How To Earn $MILK

How to earn milk cool cats

Cool Cats remains one of the most successful NFT project ever, with a trade volume exceeding $250 million.

As a result, the project has a massive community of over 100,000 behind it, always hungry for updates.

Last year, Cool Cats announced plans to launch its $MILK token. It was the logical next step in growing the Cool Cats ecosystem, Cooltopia, and aims at providing additional utility.

This article tells you all about Cooltopia.

The launch was later pushed to January 2022, and later February 2022. That has been the last communication on the matter, which we take to mean will proceed as scheduled.

How To Earn $MILK

Cool Cat NFT holders will automatically and passively earn $MILK for holding on to their cats. This $MILK will accumulate over time, and the amount earned will be determined by their NFT tier.

Here’s how it breaks down.

Cool Cat TierBase RateDaily Bonus$MILK/Day
Cool 11000501050
Cool 210001001100
Wild 110001501150
Wild 210002001200
Classy 110002501250
Classy 210003001300
Exotic 110003501350
Exotic 210004001400
1/1 Unknowns10004501450
*These values may change as the system is balanced.

As a passive earner, you can claim your $MILK any time you wish.

How To Claim Your $MILK

Another way to earn $MILK is by sending your Cool Pet on Quests. These are tasks which are divided into rarities. A Cool Pet can complete up to 10 quests per day.

They can be common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary.

This is how much $MILK you can earn from quests.

Quest RarityMin MilkMax MilkItem
*These values may change as the system is balanced.

One user calculated that you can earn an average of 51.4 $MILK per quests. With a 10 quests per day maximum, an average of 514 $MILK per day is achievable.

Is $MILK Polygon or Ethereum Based?

This is a common query in the community.

$MILK will be both a Polygon and an Ethereum-based token.

$MILK (Polygon) will serve as the game’s primary currency, and is the one to be earned through quests and holding onto your NFT. It can be used to purchase in-game items on OpenSea or the Cool Cats marketplace.

$MILk (Ethereum) on the other hand will serve as the project’s out-of-game currency. Issues associated with the Ethereum blockchain, namely high gas fees, are the main reason why.

It will however be possible to convert $MILK (Polygon) to $MILK (Ethereum).

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