Party Horses: The NFTs Offering Unique & Physical Maker’s Mark Bourbon Bottles

Makers Mark NFT Party Horses

Will you consider a unique bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon an NFT utility? For a while, people have been asking for more Non-Fungible Tokens attached to real world value. Indeed, it is the fact that most NFTs only live as 1s and 0s, that makes most people skeptical about their viability.

A new project however is seeking to make NFTs more than just a digital collectible, but also a physical one too.

The Party Horses NFT project brings bourbon to the metaverse. Specifically Maker’s Mark, a well-loved American bourbon.

Party Horses is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The creators explore an alternate reality where horses attend a race, not as the racers, but rather as part of the spectators.

Each NFT is unique with different clothing and accesorries.

There are 5 rarities, namely:

  • Common (Infield)
  • Uncommon (Backside)
  • Rare (Paddock)
  • Ultra (Turf Club)
  • Legendary (Trillionaires Row)

How to join Party Horses NFT project

The pre-sale happened on March 1, with the pre-mint drop available for just 2,000 collectors.

2,000 physical Maker’s Mark bourbon bottles were also available to all pregame holders above the age of 21.

The bottles were customized with the Party Horses, and the flavor is also reportedly unique. These makes them potentially very valuable collectibles.

If you did not get on the pre-sale, there is a public sale set for March 15th at 9 am EST. 9,700 unique digital assets will be on offer, with the remaining 300 set aside for future giveaways.

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