Samsung To Host its Galaxy S22 Launch in Decentraland Metaverse

Samsung Decentraland

Samsung has announced that its Galaxy S22 launch event will simultaneously be hosted on the metaverse.

The South Korean tech giant will be launching their latest flagship device on Wednesday during their annual ‘Unpacked’ event.

With restrictions on live audiences still in place, Samsung will be going completely virtual as it did last year.

This time however, they will also be hosting the same event on the metaverse, specifically on Decentraland. Last month, Samsung opened a store in Decentraland modelled after their flagship 837 physical store in New York.

They dubbed the virtual space the Samsung 837X, and this will be its first big event. Anyone can enter Decentraland and your avatar will be dropped at the venue.

There are even some Galaxy S22 quests that will earn you NFTs, including a scavenger hunt where you will have to hunt for 10 recyclable product boxes in and around the building, then combine them into ‘something magical’.

One thing you’ll not get from this quests however, is a discount on your S22. For that you pay full price, lol.😁😁

You can meanwhile watch the entire event live on YouTube.

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