How Mortal Wars is Addressing Challenges Facing GameFi

Mortal Wars

Play-to-Earn games have taken the blockchain world by storm not only as entertainment but also as a financial tool.

However, just like any other innovation, GameFi has a fair share of its challenges which may include scams, the incomprehensibility of the blockchain system, huge entry fees and hyperinflation in the game-related economy.

Mortal Wars is a new P2E game that seeks to address some of challenges.

How is Mortal Wars helping in solving challenges affecting play-to-earn games?

With the aim to add value and get rid of some of these challenges, Mortal Wars has developed elements to make game-fi fun, engaging and addictive.

Some of the issues hindering joiners that Mortal Wars have addressed include;


Making it not only a game but also a form of financial and education tool where people of all levels can get access to the crypto world most safely and naturally.

Lowest Entry fee

The player can start with as low as 1$ entrance fee in return for appealing financial rewards.

Particularly, the game has been designed in a way to provide an equal opportunity of winning for players of all levels.

Anti-inflation mechanism

To deliver equilibrium in the economy, Mortal Wars has a unique in-game economy which similar to e-sport & tournament style to control the inflation challenge in the traditional play-to-earn game.

Additionally, Mortal Wars is currently pioneering the new trend by its PvP model.

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