R-Planet Announces Date for RDAO Tokens Airdrop

R-Planet Airdrop

Last year, R-Planet announced plans to create a DAO token for their projects.

On Thursday February 3, they began the first phase with a RDAO (R-Planet DAO) airdrop for their players.

This initial airdrop was reserved for players who were most active before October 25th, 2021. This was the date when the token plans were announced, and the team at R-Planet took a snapshot at the time of those eligible.

To qualify, you needed to have made at least 100 crafts at the time of the snapshot, and in total 3580 people met this requirement. A spreadsheet with all their usernames can be found here.

All those WAX addresses received their tokens on February 3.

RDAO tokens are limited to 10 million, half of which are reserved for future distribution. This airdrop amounted to 50,000 tokens. 1.5 million will be sold for Aether, 500,000 will be used as liquidity and as mining rewards, and a further 450,000 will be mined by trading on a future marketplace to be developed by the R-Planet team.

Token holders will take part in decision making, including voting on the 2.0 version of the R-Planet staking system, which begins soon.

Speaking of staking 2.0, the process has begun and every project has been delisted. All third party mining pools have also been reduced to zero.

Projects that wish to be included must fill out a form so that token holders can get a chance to vote on them. The top 21 projects with the most Aether staked in votes will be included in the system. An estimated 40 projects have already applied.

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