All About Cooltopia.. Cool Cats’ Ecosystem

What is Cooltopia

Cool Cats is still one of the most successful NFT projects ever. As of this writing, it is ranked at number 12 on the OpenSea list of the most popular NFTs of all time.

It has recorded over $83,000 ETH in trade volume, which amounts to over $260 million.

A big reason for its success is a clear roadmap and a massive community that believes in the project.

Key in the Cool Cats future plans, is Cooltopia, the name they have given their growing ecosystem.

What is Cooltopia?

Cooltopia is the name of the entire Cool Cats ecosystem.

The Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFTs are just one part of a larger picture. One important piece of the ecosystem is $MILK.

This is the token that will power the gamified and tokenized economy, the questing system (where the cool pets engage in tasks), the Cool Shop, marketplace, and other utilities and features to be added in future.

We previously wrote on how to earn $MILK.

As an integral part of Cooltopia, a Cool Cat NFT will, in future, grant holders access to games, tokens, community events, collaborations and ore.

The Cool Cats team is already recruiting more talent to help in this endeavor, among them game developers and artists.

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