Ethernity Comes To The Sandbox Metaverse

Ethernity The Sandbox

The Sandbox Metaverse has announced a partnership with Ethernity NFT project.

This will bring Ethernity’s experiences, collectibles and wearables to one of the biggest metaverses out there.

Ethernity is the largest platform for authenticated and licensed NFTs, hosting collections of notable IPs in sports, music and other fields.

Among their licensed collections are pieces from Muhammad Ali, Dan Marino, Fernando Tatis, Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Mani Pacquiao, Tony Hawk, Shaq and many others.

“Ethernity is excited to announce a one of a kind strategic partnership with one of the blockchain gaming and metaverse industry’s leading projects, The Sandbox.

Ethernity will be bringing its library of world-class licenses to The Sandbox metaverse, allowing players to fit their avatars in authenticated and fully licensed apparel from some of the world’s biggest stars, notable figures, players, entertainers, brands, teams, leagues, and more.”


As part of the partnership, Ethernity has acquired a center-stage LAND within ‘The Sandbox’, which will host a gallery and a fully licensed NFT store.

Ethernity will also create playable games and experiences within the metaverse in collaboration with partner IP.

They have hinted at a future where “Players will be able to boost their avatars skills and gain additional powers with wearables from the world’s greatest soccer players including Pele and Luis Suarez while playing in Copa America themed soccer tournaments.”

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