Interest in the Metaverse is Pushing Up the Price of Decentraland’s MANA

Decentraland MANA

Even as the crypto market crashed, there seems to be some renewed interest in the metaverse and other related technologies.

One of the biggest metaverse projects is Decentraland, an entire digital world built on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers users a platform to create, engage and even monetize digital content.

The Decentraland metaverse has received the most attention among all metaverses out there. The LAND (virtual real estate) on Decentraland is extremely valuable, and only going up in value.

They have attracted big names to take up virtual space in their world, among them Samsung, OpenSea, the recently concluded Australian Open, several fashion shows etc.

Powering all this activity is the MANA token. As interest in Decentraland rises, the value of MANA goes up.

Last month, the price of cryptocurrencies crashed. MANA was not left behind, crashing from a high of $2.8 to $1.8 in just 3 days.

That was however still above its price for most of 2021. As the crypto market recovers, MANA is also recovering alongside it.

The token is now back in the green, and is trading at its highest this year. The price stands at $3.29 as of this writing, which represents an over 75% increase.

As more functionality and features come to Decentraland, we can only expect this price to go up.

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