Yield Guild Games Hits 20K Axie Infinity Scholars

Yield Guild Axie Infinity

Yield Guild Games (YGG) a popular gaming guild has announced a new milestone in the number of its scholars.

YGG has reported crossing the 20,000 mark in the number of Axie Infinity scholars. The guild reported that the actual number stood at 20,700 by the end of February, a 8,500% increase from the same month last year. Then, the number stood at 241.

According to YGG, the milestone is also a “new record in the play-to-earn space.”

Play-to-Earn scholarships like YGG lets new players borrow NFTs from the guild. Their proceeds are then split between the player, the community manager and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) behind the project.

It is a way of letting the masses get on board Play to Earn games without spending too much money, and also helping a given community maximize on earning potential.

“This is only the first of the many milestones that we want to achieve for YGG. We‘ve really ramped up organisational investment in our ‘Game Ops’ function, which is essentially the bridge between the games we partner with and our community of guild members.”

Colin Goltra, YGG COO

YGG scholars farmed more than 26.4 million Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens in February, a 57% increase from the previous month. That’s the native token for Axie Infinity.

YGG has added similar scholarships for soccer-themed play-to-earn game CyBall.

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