Fart Jar Reality Star Who Made $200,000 Selling Farts Launches NFT Collection

nft fart jar

It’s a strange time in this early NFT adoption phase.

American content creator Stephanie Matto, who is a former reality star of TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé, made headlines last year when she launched a line of fart jars.

She sold the farts, tightly contained in mason jars, online to her thousands of fans and curious weirdos.

By her own account, she sold over $200,000 worth of her farts.

At one point, she was hospitalized following what her doctor believed was caused by her ‘wind-breaking’ diet.

She therefore had to cut down on the fart production.

Instead, Matto has jumped on the NFT craze, launching her own collection. She has launched FartJarsNFT, a website that let’s you mint your own NFT fart jar for just 0.05 ETH, or roughly $157 today.

“For the first time ever an NFT project is giving the people what they want: FART JARS! Combine this with the deflationary mechanics, real life redeemable items and utility in the form of access to FART JAR EXTRAORDINAIRE STEPHANIE MATTO via a private discord channel for all holders. We are certain FART JARS will blow you away!”


Matto has generated lots of press coverage, and it is very likely that she will sell a good number of them.

The YouTuber and TikToker is however not the first to take farts to the virtual world.

Last year, a 36 year old Brooklyn-based film director, Alex Ramírez-Mallis, sold his own fart NFTs for $85.

“If people are selling digital art and GIFs, why not sell farts?” he told The New York Post of his dank addition to the blockchain-based NFT market.

By the time his story got to the media, he had sold one fart NFT to an anonymous buyer.

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