New NFT Collection Backed by Real-World Land Properties Launched by Meta Reality Realms

meta reality realms

Different people and companies are continuing to find practical and creative ways to work with NFTs.

Meta Reality Realms has announced plans to introduce an NFT collection of real-world properties.

Unlike other NFTs which exist solely on the metaverse, this new collection will be backed by real physical land in the physical world.

Property owners can turn their land into an NFT and sell it on the blockchain. This will allow investors to obtain both physical and virtual warranty deeds for their property.

“Alongside cryptocurrency, land will be the most important asset to own in the future,” explained Meta Reality Realms founder and CEO, Aaron Beltran. “Our NFTs are backed by real-world assets that anyone should be thinking about investing in, as the future of augmented reality gets closer.”

Meta Reality Realms claims to be the first company to allow real land ownership to be purchased and sold on the blockchain.

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