Seattle NFT Museum Will Let You ‘Physically’ See Digital Art

Seattle NFT Museum

Is this the next iteration of a modern museum?

Tech executives Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton have founded a physical museum that will only showcase NFT art.

Dubbed the Seattle NFT Museum, this physical location is coming to the Belltown neighborhood, at 2125 First Ave., Seattle. Visitors will be able to view digital art on large display screens when it opens to the public on January 27.

“We want to lean into a lot of topics that might be uncomfortable,” Wong said. “We might talk about the environmental impact of NFT art and really dig into some of those numbers and understand new technologies that are already changing the way that NFTs are created and hosted. But I think we’re looking forward just to being able to use the museum as a place for a conversation.”

A few other museums, like The British Museum in London have embraced NFTs in recent months. What we have seen so far is these established museums incorporating some aspects of NFTs in their collection, or establishing online stores to sell NFTs of some of their collections.

However, this is the first time an entire museum is being established for the sole purpose of showcasing NFTS.

It was the next logical step considering the fact that many artists have already jumped on board.

While others are investing in the virtual world, now known as the Metaverse, Wong and Hamilton see the value in physical spaces when it comes to appreciating art.

“Physical spaces will continue to be important in the way that we experience art and culture and connection to others,” Hamilton said. “And we don’t know where the lines of physical versus digital will really bleed over in the future or what that will look like. But there will be value and advantage to coming together as a community.”

The museum will feature several collections and artists. Tickets can be purchased on their website.

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