Street Fighter Announces 3rd NFT Collection

Street Fighter WAX NFT

After successful first and second NFT drops, the Street Fighter franchise is back with a third collection, dubbed ‘Street Fighter Classic’.

This newest collection is their best yet, and will feature old-school-designed retro cards.

This 3rd series will feature a limited amount of 1,000 packs, with each pack having a random selection of 10 cards. Each of these packs will cost $100 in $WAXP equivalent, since it is launching on the WAX blockchain.

You will therefore need a WAXCloud Wallet holding the required funds.

121 unique trading cards will be found across the 1,000 packs. These will come in 8 rarities, namely: Common A: 32%, Common B: 26.6%, Uncommon: 17.1%, Rare A: 10.8%, Rare B: 8.64%, Epic A: 2.4%, Epic B: 1.8% and Legendary: 0.36%.

Collecting all cards before February 15th will mean the completion of the ‘Collector’s Challenge’, and an additional pack containing one of eleven bonus cards of the highest rarity will be awarded.

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