Crazy Defense Heroes P2E Game Adds New TOWER Map NFTs

Crazy Defense Heroes

Animoca Brands has announced its new play-to-earn rewards from March and April

Animoca Brands is the creator of popular game, Crazy Defense Heroes.

Following the new development, the new reward pool for March and April will be increased to 1,800,000 TOWER tokens per month. 

Players will as one able to earn Tower Map NFTs, in addition to TOWER tokens.

The reward pools for March and April are as follows;

Tier 1: You must gain a minimum of 315,000 XP in a month to start earning Tower Tokens to be eligible to earn from the Tier 1 Reward pool.

Tier 2: You must gain a minimum of 450,000 XP in a month to start earning Tower Tokens. You can gain a share of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards.

Tier 3: You must gain a minimum of 600,000 XP to earn TOWER tokens from all the 3 Tiers.

However, a player must gain a minimum of 315,000 avatar XP each month, to be able to earn TOWER tokens.

What is Crazy Defense Heroes Tower Map NFT?

Tower Map is an NFT that allows one to unlock different levels of Game Maps and also boosts your in-game rewards.

The Tower Map NFTs are available for trading on OpenSea and are ERC-1155 tokens on the Polygon network.

They come in four levels of rarity namely; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Daily Star Chest Rewards

One would also earn TOWER Map NFTs by opening a Star Chest on Crazy Defense Heroes and checking the Tower token website. This is in addition to the TOWER tokens.

It is important to note that the number of TOWER tokens and Tower Maps NFTs earned will depend on how many days one will visit the website and how many times one has opened a Star Chest.

Opening and completing at least one check-in on any seven days in March 2022, will earn you 28 TOWER tokens and a Common Map NFT.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) is a blockchain-based game that was developed and published by Animoca Brands.

The game is the bigger and expanded version of Crazy Kings, which was launched on iOS in 2017.

It later became available on Google Play in January 2018.

The game features more sophisticated card upgrade systems than the former Crazy Kings.

It also has more resource collection capability, more items of all kinds, new heroes, buildings, as well as spells.

Crazy Defense Heroes reportedly has over 2 million downloads and 75,000 unique wallets.

By taking up in tasks such as taking part in tournaments, defending towers, weekly challenges etc., players earn TOWER tokens.

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