Voxies Opens Beta Marketplace Giving Wide Selection of Free Characters

Voxie Marketplace

Voxie Tactics has opened its marketplace giving players a wide selection of free characters to choose from to suit their play style.

The marketplace exists on the Polygon network and it runs on a web browser but to get started, one will need $MATIC, to authorize the smart contract. 

Following the authorization of the smart contract, one is only allowed to make up to 20 transactions per day that are gas-free.

In each transaction, the system deducts 4% which is treated as the market fee.

Notably, the market supports limited-time sales, bundled listings, and item offers.

Purchases are made with VOXELS, the official in-game token, which are earned by winning PvP matches.

The market only supports Voxie Tactics NFTs but in the future, one would be able to buy and sell Voxies.

Voxie Marketplace
Items on sale on Voxie Marketplace

What are Voxies?

Voxies are cute, lovable and collectable 3D voxel buddies, that live and play on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are only 10,000 Voxies in existence and no two Voxies are identical. Each Voxie features 20 attributes, plus also class and race.

What are Voxie Tactics?

Voxie Tactics is a strategy RPG where you take command of a band of plucky heroes as they journey across a vast and dangerous world full of magic, monsters and mighty empires.

Voxie Tactics is free to play, with play to earn potential starting with the first PvP match.

Apart from earning Voxels tokens from winning matches, one can also find other NFTs.

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