Gaming-focused Blockchain Oasys Bets on Play-to-Earn Explosion

Oasys Gaming Blockchain

There is a lot of exciting surrounding Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. Just like the internet, the gaming industry has gone through several revolutions.

First we paid to play. Then we played for free, and now people think the next logical evolution is to be paid to play.

This is only possible because of blockchain and tokens that can be converted into real world cash.

To advance this future, a Singapore-based firm recently launched a gaming-focused proof-of-stake blockchain, dubbed Oasys.

They say their blockchain is superior because of its scalability, low energy usage, zero gas fees, and importantly, the portability of digital assets of different projects built on it. That last part is especially critical if the token economy will ever go mainstream.

“For developers, there will always be trade-offs in choosing the right blockchain to build on and each one is focused on solving different challenges and optimizing certain features. Oasys is focused on improving user experience for gamers through scalability while also reducing environmental impact,”  Yield Guild Games (YGG) co-founder Gabby Dizon told CoinTelegraph.

YCG is one of the main backers of this blockchain.

Officially launched on February 7, Oasys has already partnered with 21 gaming and Web3 companies.

Dizon further thinks that blockchain is the future of gaming. “Gaming is the best use case the world has ever seen for blockchain and I believe we will see 10 million wallets interacting with blockchain games before the end of this year,” he said.

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