Everything You Need To Know About Tiny Colony P2E Game

Everything About Tiny Colony P2E game

Tiny Colony is a new Play-to-Earn game that aims to capitalize on the popularity of this new phenomenon.

In the last two or so years, we have seen a massive increase in the adoption of blockchain gaming. This is where players are rewarded with actual money for participating in in-game activities.

There are already tens of such games, and Tiny Colony is one of the most promising ones.

Here’s everything you need to know about the game.

What is Tiny Colony Game

Tiny Colony is a play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain, that allows players to interact with its ecosystem dubbed Tinyverse to earn tokens and NFTs.

In this universe, “Tinyverse” hosts a colony of intelligent Ants whose history spans thousands of years.

In addition, players are permitted to build their own underground Colony, create armies, trade in the marketplace and participate in various activities in Tinyverse.

Not to forget that the game features Blockchain integration, and thanks to Solana, players can take advantage of construction and management simulator features.

These features allow players to develop humanoid ants of colonies and interact with in-game characters in the training grounds.

How To Play Tiny Colony

Playing Tiny Colony is very easy and can be quite profitable. The game allows you to earn and access its marketplace upon connecting your wallet.

Players can create a highly-skilled Ant colony to participate in the game. However, this is not a prerequisite of playing.

The game also allows players to own lands by using the TEENY token, allowing them to participate in more activities in the game. These tokens can also improve your Colony in various use cases, as mentioned on Tokenomics below.

In the game, players can also defend their colonies from dark forces and challenge other colonies to fight, form alliances, and trade to participate in large-scale community events.

Game Modes in Tiny Colony

To make the game more interesting, several game modes are presented to each player. Each game mode also comes with various missions that earn money once completed.

The following are the modes available as of writing: Gladiator Arena, Battle Arena, Tiny Wars, Tiny Slots, and Tiny Colony.

Tokenomics of Tiny Colony

TINY is the native form of currency used in the game. Holders of the Tiny Token can successfully trade NFTs in the marketplace.

The game also features TEENY tokens earned by simply taking part in in-game activities. This can also allow players to buy, sell or trade Tiny Colony NFTs in the marketplace.

The TEENY token can be exchanged for a TINY utility token which you can use to buy more NFTs or exchange for real money.

Tiny Colony Marketplace

The official Tiny Colony marketplace is Fractal. It is a general gaming NFT marketplace that hosts NFTs of many games.

As of this writing, the platform has sold more than 11,547 Colonies (NFTs of virtual land).

Players with access to Tiny Colony NFTs will have the right to implement agreed decisions on the platform, such as New protocols and development areas.

The more colonies that a user holds, the more power they hold.

Tiny Colony Character NFTs

Tinyverse is a universe that allows gamers to freely interact with each other while also making some passive income in the process.

In this universe, the game features Character NFTs, which play a crucial role. In other words, it promotes peaceful coexistence while also ensuring that they back the game with their useful functionalities, for example, fighting styles, weapon choices, upgradability, etc.

Each character allows the user to Take control of the game and increase the play-to-earn possibilities.

Each Colony in the metaverses can support many character NFTs to enable the players to assemble their Tiny Army.

A user can then proceed and trade their character on marketplaces, increasing the value of their NFT. Some of the characters in the game include The Samurai, The Persian Army, Vikings, Spirits, Sorcerers, Nobles among others.

The Tin Colony team recently announced an upcoming tiny Colony Character NFTs sale happening on April 28, 2022

The Minting process will allow users to choose the Character NFT based on one of the nine Factions. The result is that characters of different rarities will be yielded

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Tiny Colony RoadMap

The transition from 2022 to 2023 will be the next big thing for Tiny Colony. As mentioned previously, the platform is set to launch its Character NFT this April. It would be best if you were on the watch not to miss out.

In late 2022, players can form alliances, make clans and participate in Tiny Wars to collect some of the largest rewards offered in the Tinyverse. 

Before early 2023, we expect the platform to release a new in-game battle with modest functionality, better game mechanics, economy, artwork, animations, etc.

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