MuTerra Announces Details of Final Sale of Maldives Packs


MuTerra has announced the details of the final sale of their Maldives packs that are considered alpha cards and won’t be available again.

MuTerra is a post-apocalyptic creature tamer and battler game on the Hive blockchain.

Its NFTs can be held on Hive or the WAX blockchain, however, the Maldives packs will be available on WAX at Neftyblocks.

The Maldives packs went up on sale on March 4 at 13:00 GMT and it will run through to March 11, but it’s not guaranteed that it may last for that long.

MuTerra held a pre-sale booking event for 4,000 packs which were overbooked within a day.

For the final sale for Maldives packs, only 20,000 packs were minted in total with the first 10,000 packs sold on Hive in September 2021.

Another 1,000 packs were airdropped as promotional rewards with the previously mentioned pre-sale, which leaves this sale with the final 4,000 packs!

For the first 30 minutes, only those whitelisted can make purchases.

To get whitelisted, one needs at least one MuTerra Promo NFT in the WAX wallet an hour before the sale.

These Promo NFTs cost $2-3.

What are Maldives Packs?

Maldives Packs cost $5 each with a maximum purchase of 99 per transaction. 

Maldives packs come pre-minted meaning pack #1 will be distributed randomly rather than to the fastest clicker.

Payment is accepted in either WAX or NEFTY, the utility token for the Nefty platform and pack owners can transfer the packs to MuTerra official website and open them there. 

Each pack contains 5 Mutees, with at least one guaranteed to be common or better. 

Mutees come in rare, gold foil versions, and some are gendered as male or female.

With 20 different Mutees, these varieties result in 72 total possible card variations.

What is MuTerra’s Economy?

MUT or Mutee Utility Token is the in-game currency of MuTerra.

It’s a HIVE based Token that can be found on the HIVE Engine or Tribaldex.

How to Earn a MUT

The 3 most common ways to earn MUT;

1. Kill or capture mutees while playing the RPG part of MuTerra.

2. Gather raw materials while playing the RPG part of MuTerra.

3. Win in PVP matches while playing the TCG part of MuTerra.

Mutees available from the Maldives packs
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