Riot Racers Blockchain Game Goes into Private Beta

The team at Riot Racers has announced that the racing game has entered private beta.

The game has been in development and internal alpha testing for months.

This private beta testing will be undertaken by the Riot Racers development team and a small group of about two dozen of its longest standing and most avid supporters.

They however want it to be a ‘progressive private beta’, where participants will increase over an unspecified amount of time.

Explaining how this will work, Riot Racers wrote, “We’ll start by adding in some of the racing teams that have formed around the game, and slowly add in more people using the Discord channels #updates-from-team and #general. So, keep an eye out for additional invites happening in those channels!”

Those lucky to be selected will have a short window to register and create an account, basically a few hours. The private beta url will be provided then.

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn racing game. Gamers can earn through competing, or owning parts of the ecosystem.

Parts of the game that can be owned by the gamers include: gas stations, mechanic shops, NFT billboards, and even a piece of the track.

The token used is RIOT,

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