Cult&Rain New NFT Sneakers Can Be Redeemed for a Physical Pair

Cul&Rail nft

Cult&Rain, the digital, crypto leaning fashion brand, is launching a new NFT collection.

The NFT sneaker collection will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and as a unique feature, will be tied to an actual physical sneaker.

Dubbed the Genesis Drop, this launch will consist of 2,000 4K animated NFTs, identical to the real Italian-made luxury footwear that they can be redeemed for.

There are 4 sneaker designs in 5 colors, and 100 pairs per colorway set. There will also be several unique skins designed by several digital artists.

The sneakers will be released at the same time, and will number 001 to 100. Every shoe colorway will have 6 rarity traits.

The pre-sale begins on February 7, with the general mint starting on February 10.

Until March 1, holders of the NFT will be able to receive an identical physical sneaker upon redeeming/trading off their NFTs.

The company will begin production of the sneakers in Italy on March 8. Being a luxury product, Cult&Rain promises to use only top-notch materials.

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