Beauty Brand Holds Lipstick Launch Party in Decentraland

Valde Beauty Decentraland Metaverse

What does a beauty brand do when they have a new product to launch? Simple, they hold a party with all influencers they can gather.

That’s what Valdé Beauty did last week. To celebrate the launch of three limited-edition luxury lipstick cases, the company threw a bash complete with a live DJ performance, product displays and of course, the influencers who are going to promote it.

Unlike other product launches however, this one was held completely in the virtual world. The chosen location was the Decentraland Metaverse, and here not even the laws of physics apply.

One influencer flew in on a broomstick, and others were seen with wings and hovering crowns above their heads.

The new products were neatly displayed on the walls of the NFT gallery venue, and they were clickable directing to a purchase page. A purchase of a $1,200 lipstick set also came with a matching NFT art piece, which was also displayed in the same gallery.

“What you’re paying [for] is really the crystal armor, and then you’re getting a digital artwork,” said Arriagada. “I know that for so many people that are not in the NFT space, [an NFT] is such a skeptical investment because it’s not a physical piece of art.” 

There were also other perks after a purchase, including a lifetime membership to the brand’s newly created Valdé NFT Collective.

“You have the games, but you also have the socializing” in Decentraland, said Rayan Godoi, co-founder of AR beauty tech brand PulpoAR. “This is one of the key differences between Decentraland and the other metaverses.” Sandbox, for example, is much more focused on gaming, he said.

About 500 guests attended the party.

Decentraland is one of the largest metaverses, whose LAND has been snapped up by big brands and private individuals alike.

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